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Colourful village and happy Retirees


San Miguel de Allende is a small town in the central Mexican highlands. It is a so-called pueblo Magico, these are particularly beautiful, well preserved colonial villages. I was told that especially many foreigners over 50 live here, who either spend the winter or have even moved here completely. If I hadn’t had that information before, I would’ve noticed sooner or later. Nowhere else have I met so many gray-haired happy people.

Patio vom Instituto Allende
Patio vom Instituto Allende

The Guadiana Park

In the district Guadiana I find an accommodation, directly at the park of the same name, where people meet at stone chess tables or find access to each other in conversations about their dogs. I quickly take this park into my heart although I am actually too young to spend hours on a park bench. But here I sit in the midst of blooming lavender, between cacti and under blue flowering Jacaranda trees and watch the passers-by. There is always a friendly smile and a joyful hello, sometimes a few sentences more. Weiterlesen