10 Good Reasons for Travelling Alone

‘Thanks to my friends’ special request who I also met/made during my latest Mexico trip, my blog post now also comes in English

As a woman? To Mexico?
And all on your own?
Isn’t that dangerous?
Don’t you get bored at all?

How many times have I heard these questions?

Backpackerin Gitti Müller am Busbahnhof

you always meet nice people travelling

Travelling alone is fine. It doesn’t mean you’re lonely on the road. On the contrary. Travelling alone comes with much higher chances of meeting people.. I’m just coming back from a 4-weeks trip through Mexico. I have had so many inspiring encounters and made new friends along the way. My conclusion:

10 Good Reasons for Traveling on Your Own Regardless of Your Age

  • 1. I meet travellers of all ages and backgrounds. I’m broadening my horizons. Young travellers are much more tolerant than we were then. They accept us as a matter of course in their community.
  • 2. As a 61-year-old womanAt home I am invisible at home in Germany, but in Mexico I get nice compliments and am called guapa, linda and corazón. Thats nice (-:
  • 3. On the other hand: I don’t have to put up with wolf-whistling or mens’ offensive words approving of my looks. Men are friendly, but don’t freak out when they see me. That’s nice, too.
  • 4. I don’t need a hairdryer or a make-up case. I’m beautiful just as I am.
  • 5. Elderly people are very much appreciated in South America. Hence I’m sure I will get treated with respect.
  • 6. I don’t have to prove anything anymore. If something gets too much, I’ll pull the emergency brake.
  • 7. I know what I need to make myself feel good and comfortable.
  • 8. Thanks to my travel health insurance, I am almost better covered than at home through my local health insurance company. If I fall sick on the road/while traveling, I’ll just see a private doctor. Some of the doctors are better trained than our doctors and they take a lot of time to attend to one’s needs.
  • 9. I leave and stretch my comfort zone and boost my confidence with every adventure experienced.
  • 10. I’m learning a lot of new things. My brain thanks me with fresh cells and new connections. Where it reveals age-related weaknesses, it learns to compensate. There is no better anti-aging program.
unbeschwert wie ein Kind

feel free and happy, dont mind conventions


Thanks to Martina Hollweck for her support on this english version.

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