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Suitcases wrapping? Never again!

Sometimes we do strange things and we regret a stupidity. Sometimes it is good to speak about and prevent others from doing the same  rubbish. Let’s talk about my mistakes. When I had my comeback with the backpack 2 years ago I was still insecure in many things. After all, this kind of travelling was very unusual for me after a 35-year backpack break. I had packed it so full that I could not take it as hand luggage. So I had to check it in and I wondered if it could break on the way. Weiterlesen

10 Good Reasons for Travelling Alone

‘Thanks to my friends’ special request who I also met/made during my latest Mexico trip, my blog post now also comes in English

As a woman? To Mexico?
And all on your own?
Isn’t that dangerous?
Don’t you get bored at all?

How many times have I heard these questions?

Backpackerin Gitti Müller am Busbahnhof

you always meet nice people travelling

Travelling alone is fine. It doesn’t mean you’re lonely on the road. On the contrary. Travelling alone comes with much higher chances of meeting people.. I’m just coming back from a 4-weeks trip through Mexico. I have had so many inspiring encounters and made new friends along the way. My conclusion: Weiterlesen